In Namibia, the transition from Spring to Summer comes quickly, and it was during this brief period this year that I joined a group of enthusiastic and adventurous cyclists on one fo the best bucket list items ever!

The Damaraland is just one of many spectacular regions in this vast, yet friendly country. With it’s expansive landscapes dotted with magnificent granite protrusions, this is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. This area doesn’t really know about rain, but life is supported by moisture supplied by the occasional fog that blows in off the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and sporadic supplies of ground water. Everything from the lichen, the tiniest insects, reptiles, to various antelope, giraffes and elephants have all adapted to survive and thrive here.

We had the privilege to join Untamed Adventures, an accomplished local tour company, who guided and supported us on a series of spectacular cycling trails through the ever-changing Namib Desert. Being a big fanatic of sport, nature and wildlife photography, cycling through this desert with camera in hand was like a dream come true. It’s mesmerising to think that five days is a brief moment in a lifetime, but yet this 350km outing created a lifetime of spectacular memories that I’ll treasure forever.