My name is David Papenfus, and I’m a photographer, former corporate IT manager, lover of nature with a passion of all things stunning.

Wildlife – I come from a family who love the bush, nature, wildlife and the outdoors. My character and how I’ve developed as a person, is often reflected in the photography I do. It’s about being there, appreciating the moments, life as it is, the things we enjoy, and conveying these feelings into the photos I take.

Sport – The same passion for outdoors is continues through to my sports photography. I’ve always loved sport, whether I’ve taken part or been a spectator. I’m drawn by the beauty of the surroundings, and the raw emotion of the athletes themselves.

Product Photography – This has become a specific skill, that’s taken me many hours to master. With my technical background, I have an eye for details and have always strived for perfection.

Wedding Photography – How I approach weddings is a blend of everything I do. My love for people, our environments and our emotions are brought together, in a blend which reflects the true character of people as experienced on their special days.