The beautiful Winelands town of Stellenbosch is a popular choice for weddings, personal events and many other types of milestone celebrations. I’m very happy to call this place my home, and I’m often involved in events in and around this stunning region.

My approach to wedding photography is very different to most wedding photographers you’ll encounter, and significantly different from many wedding brochures and guidelines that tell you how your weddings photos should look. While I’ll always have a few good suggestions, I don’t insist on you planning your wedding day around the photo opportunities I might like.

While a few good posed couple, family and bridal party photos are always appropriate, I don’t want to take you away from your people for lengthy photoshoots, while the people who’ve come from far and wide stand there waiting for you. I don’t believe in turning your wedding into a fashion shoot, and I’m not there to build my wedding portfolio.

This is your day, not mine. Most people who ask me to take their wedding photos, do so because they like my sports and wildlife photography, where I’ve mastered the art of capturing emotions, interactions and drama as life unfolds, in this beautiful world we live in. Your wedding day is your’s to cherish, while the photos serve as memories for life.