Shoots for Ergo Sports Model Portfolios

I have a working arrangement with Ergo Sports Models, where I’ll conduct quick and easy photoshoots, for sports model portfolios.

The conditions for this arrangement are:

  • The shoot has to be in and around Stellenbosch. For shoots more than 10km from Stellenbosch, I’ll need to add on travel costs.
  • The shoot is approximately 45mins, but this can sometimes be separated into two shorter shoots on different days.
  • Most shoots are done in public areas, such as university fields or local trails. Should we need a specific location, such as a tennis court, squash court, etc, the client will need to make the appropriate arrangement.
  • Some sports shoots require an assistant, such as someone to throw balls for tennis shots. This client will need to arrange for someone, and enough tennis balls.
  • Shoots need to be coordinated around our schedules, and sometimes need to be re-scheduled at the last minute. Often shoots are postponed due to illness, rain, excessive wind and excessive heat.
  • Depending on the type of shoot, the best time of day is early morning, starting sunrise, or late afternoon, starting about an hour before sunset. If it’s a cloudy day, we can shoot pretty much anytime. We’ll always keep keep an eye on weather forecasts when planning.
  • It’s happened before, where we’ve had to repeat shoots due to weather that wasn’t predicted, and the photos weren’t of the appropriate quality. Should this happen, there is no additional cost.
  • A selection of photos will be sent to Ergo Sports for their use. You will receive a selection of watermarked photos, which you are free to use as you wish. We ask that you don’t remove this watermark, and that you always tag and credit @davidpapenfus when posting on social media.
  • If you would like high resolution un-watermarked versions, please contact to discuss pricing. This pricing isn’t excessive, and is dependent on use.
  • Price per shoot: R950